Geotechnical & Environmental Drilling Services



Seaboard Drilling performs geotechnical drilling to help our clients assess subsurface conditions. New England is geologically complex, so having veteran drilling crews and the equipment needed to explore the variety of geologic conditions is why our clients choose Seaboard Drilling, LLC. We continue to grow with a range of drilling rigs and support equipment to meet our client’s needs. With a diverse fleet of drill rigs and probing rigs, we can access the most challenging sites. However, Seaboard Drilling, LLC understands that geotechnical drilling is an investigation, not a construction project, and will provide the right equipment to collect accurate and reliable samples that will leave minimal impact to your site conditions. A diverse line of equipment on hand allows us to provide support to the drilling operation that will increase the efficiency of most projects.

Geotechnical Services

The following are the geotechnical services that we provide:

  • Drilling Techniques: Hollow Stem Auger, Mud Rotary, Air Rotary
  • Concrete/Asphalt Coring
  • Low Clearance Drilling
  • Rock Coring: NQ and HQ
  • Test Pit Excavations
  • Undisturbed Sampling
  • Vane Shear Testing
  • Well Abandonment
  • Pressure Grouting
  • Extensometer Installation
  • Inclinometer Installation
  • Piezometer Installation
  • Vibrating Wire Piezometer Installation